Submission Guidelines

Submissions are invited in two categories:

Submissions will be reviewed by the PC, possibly with the help of external reviewers, taking into account readability, relevance and originality.

For category A, theoretical results and algorithms must be original, and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Submissions will be reviewed taking into account correctness, theoretical elegance, and possible implementability.

For category B submissions, a working implementation must be accessible via the internet, which includes sources. The aim of a system description is to make the system available in such a way that people can use it, understand it, and build on it.

Accepted papers in both categories will be published in the conference proceedings. Papers must be edited in LaTeX using the llncs style and must be submitted electronically as PDF files via the EasyChair system:

For all accepted papers at least one author is required to attend the conference and present the paper. A paper title and a short abstract of about 100 words must be submitted before the paper submission deadline. Formatting instructions and the LNCS style files can be obtained at: